We are Junior London

Junior is a lean branding agency based in Farringdon. Stripped of all unnecessary elements, you will be paying for designers time only, and nothing else.

The Junior team have over 20 years experience. We have lead projects for some of the world’s most prestigious brands including Coca-Cola, British Airways, and Volkswagen and been credited with Red Dot, IF and IDSA awards.

Junior will unearth your voice, define your purpose and make you standout for all the right reasons.

Reach us at knockknock@junior-london.com for some free advice and a friendly chat.

A project born from experience

Since Junior London was formed, its members have developed web solutions for global fashion retailers, re-branded the UK’s largest post-production house, and has helped launch a number of new Leisure and Fashion brands. 

Whether you’re an infant start-up or a globally established brand, Junior will give you access to world-class design and development services.You can approach the team with simply a business concept and, as is the case with ‘Dhu Performance Cashmere’, become a multi-award winning brand within just 2 years.

Junior’s expertise lies in design identities and web communications, with an emphasis on a holistic understanding of effective brand positioning and communication. We form lasting relationships with our clients, which cover a wide range of sectors and whose work we greatly respect.